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George and Lois Epstein College Scholarship

This scholarship fund has been created to honor the memory of George and Lois Epstein who both passed away in 2014 after 65 years of marriage, leaving adoring children and grandchildren who want to preserve and share their legacy. The Epstein’s believed that higher education as critical to achieving one’s dreams, and who lived their lives instilling in their children and grandchildren the need for academic excellence and a passion for all one might pursue. George Epstein graduated from the City College of New York but showed so much academic promise that he was asked to attend The Ohio State University where he then received his master’s in chemical engineering. He then worked on the Manhattan Project, the design of nuclear submarines, rockets for space industry, and aluminum siding for commercial use for Alsides, Inc. Where he was VP of Research for 30 years and received two patents for his designs. Lois, a nursing student, left OSU to work for the Navy with her future husband. While raising her children, she took up the game of bridge, and within a few years became one of the best players in the state, if not the country.

Both George and Louis believed in the adage, “if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.” They believed strongly in their Jewish faith and were members of Temple Israel since 1955. They would have been honored to help a local Jewish student attend an Ohio 4 – year college with the assistance of this scholarship.


2020 Due Date: April 1

Please Mail or Hand deliver this paper application and required attachments to:

Temple Israel, Attn. Kylee Burdohan, 91 Springside DR, Akron, OH 44333


Basis for rewarding the scholarship:

This scholarship is intended to reward a Jewish student who has demonstrated academic excellence and a passion for various pursuits that have required years of dedication on their own, as well as within their high schools and synagogue.

The field of interest that will be recognized can be from a multitude of activities, such as working with their Temple, Jewish Youth Group, a sport, the arts, music, plus their academic field of interest. In their personal statement, the applicant should provide a brief description of their endeavors, classwork, and such activities that shows they have been dedicated and passionate about their interests.



Other Criteria:


  1. An Ohio Jewish high-school student who intends to attend a 4-year Ohio public university the following fall, with a strong preference for those attending Miami University or The Ohio State University. Students attending private schools will not be considered but other Ohio public universities will.
  2. Preference will be given to a student whose parents are members of Temple Israel, but in some cases other congregations’ seniors will be invited to apply to create a sufficient competition for the scholarship.
  3. Students will only be considered who have maintained a strong GPA and demonstrated academic achievement.
  4. A college sophomore or junior who has previously been awarded the Epstein College Scholarship is also eligible to apply each year throughout their college undergraduate tenure, if they remain in the institution for which they were originally awarded the scholarship.
  5. In keeping with the interests that the Epstein’s had in the sciences and in business, preference will be given to a student intending to pursue a career in math, science or business. This does not preclude a student of another field from being awarded the scholarship, however.
  6. Applicants must provide a brief resume which include their approximate GPA with which they will graduate High School, and personal statement demonstrating why they are qualified to win this scholarship based on the Criteria and Basis listed above.
Thu, April 2 2020 8 Nisan 5780