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Join us for Shabbat evening services Friday at 7:30 p.m.
and Saturday morning services at 9 a.m.
followed by Torah Study


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Temple-Shin-trans We are builders of Jewish faith – our focus as a sacred place of worship is central.
We are builders of Jewish learning – education for adults and children is essential to our mission.
We are builders of Jewish community – we hope to engage people of all ages and stages in sacred living.
We are builders of hope – over the years, we have elevated Temple Israel as the voice to the non-Jewish community.

A Word From Rabbi Bob


Dear Friends,

The scenes of Syrian refugees struggling to cross the borders of Hungary, and the arrest and imprisonment of those who broke through the barricades should touch our Jewish soul. The situation is very complicated. The 4.1 million people are Muslims, who have been victims of the unparalleled brutality of Syrian President Assad as well as of the unspeakable barbarism of ISIS. While there is little doubt that some jihadis have intermingled themselves among the refugees, the vast majority are families seeking safe haven. To make the situation even more precarious, Russian Premier Vladimir Putin continues to pour in military aid and “advisors;” and we may soon find ourselves , Continued…,