Welcome to Temple Israel

Join us for Shabbat evening services Friday at 7:30 p.m.
and Saturday morning services at 9 a.m.
followed by Torah Study



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Temple-Shin-trans We are builders of Jewish faith – our focus as a sacred place of worship is central.
We are builders of Jewish learning – education for adults and children is essential to our mission.
We are builders of Jewish community – we hope to engage people of all ages and stages in sacred living.
We are builders of hope – over the years, we have elevated Temple Israel as the voice to the non-Jewish community.

A Word From Rabbi Bob

Dear Friends,
Pope Francis is one of the greatest religious leaders in world history. His profoundly humble and inclusive sayings are becoming part of the vocabulary of spiritual people of every background. On the last stop of his visit to America, he demonstrated that he is a man of deeds, as well as words.
The stop was not part of his scheduled itinerary.  Continued…,