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Choosing Judaism As An Adult

People convert to Judaism for many reasons. Some are seeking religious meaning in their lives – with or without any connection to a Jewish partner – and simply find that Judaism offers a spiritual and religious place in which they are comfortable. For others, a relationship or marriage with a Jewish person offers them a first chance to explore Judaism. 

The process of converting to Judaism begins with a formal course of study. You can take the Introduction to Judaism courses when offered at TIA or take the Union for Reform Judaism’s virtual Introduction to Judaism course. After completing these courses or an equivalent, students begin meeting with Rabbi Brown on a monthly basis to complete their studies (students ready for this step should use our contact form to request a meeting). Rabbi Brown’s goal is for everyone choosing Judaism to feel comfortable, confident, and competent in their Judaism. The formal process concludes with a private ceremony blessing the conclusion of the journey, immersion in the mikvah, and a public blessing before the congregation at a Shabbat service.  

Mon, October 2 2023 17 Tishrei 5784