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Our mission is to foster the creation of Jewish adults who can participate
actively and confidently in Jewish life.

Our curriculum is based upon the tenets of Judaism through our unique and inclusive role as a Reform Jewish community. We believe that through the study and experience of the Hebrew language, Jewish time (holidays, life cycle events, history, Torah), and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), we will create a solid foundation for participation in our Temple, the larger Jewish community, and our greater human family.

Registration for 2018-2019 is now open!

Our program serves our Temple Israel families
through rich and meaningful programming for
babies through high school seniors.

Contact our Director of Education at 330.665.2000 or for more
information about our program.



One of our students puts the finishing touches on a Little Free Library he established on Temple grounds as a part of his Tikkun Olam project.


Parent Information 
Parent Name #1
Home Address
Home Telephone
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Email Address
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Please provide information for Parent #2 by clicking on the plus sign.
Parent Name #2
Home Address
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Emergency Contact Information

This information will be used if parents/guardians are unavailable. The emergency contact information will be the same for each student you register. 
Emergency Contact Name 
Emergency Contact Phone #1
Emergency Contact Phone #2, if applicable

Student Information & Emergency Medical Release Information
Click on the plus sign to register each student in your family. To register multiple students click on the additional plus signs. 
Student's Full Name
Preferred Nickname
Hebrew Name
Name of School
School District
Emergency Medical Release
This information will be kept confidential and shared only with our teaching staff.
Doctor's Name
Doctor's Phone
Doctor's Address
Please list any allergies your child may have.
Please list any medication your child may be taking.
List any chronic illnesses or conditions your child may have.
Please list the plan of action we should follow if a medical emergency should arise. 
If your child has any learning issues that require special attention or accommodation, please describe, or speak to Lauren Trexler, Director of Education.

Tuition Rates 
Temple Israel believes that no student should be denied a Jewish education because of financial need. Please contact the Director of Education for confidential scholarship and financial arrangements. Payment arrangements need to be made when enrolling students in our Religious School program. 

The 10% sibling discount for families with three or more students enrolled in Religious School will be calculated at check out. 
   Katonton (Pre-K) $295
   K to 2nd Grade $345
   3rd to 7th Grade $545Tuition Rates per student
Scholarship Donation (Optional)
We estimate the cost to educate a student in our K to 2nd grade program to be $1,100 annually and $1,308 for each student in our 3rd to 7th grade program. For those who can afford to pay the actual cost OR are able to donate money towards scholarships for families going through economic hardships, your donation is greatly appreciated. 
Total Tuition Amount Due

Payment Options 
If you are using a credit card you will be charged a 2% processing fee. The credit card on file with Temple Israel will be the one used for tuition costs. For questions related to payment, please contact Kim Williams, bookkeeper at or 330-665-2000.

Parent/Guardian Consent

Please read and sign below for all children you are registering to be in our care during Religious School and/or Hebrew School times:

I understand that the Religious School of the Cantor Gedaliah Gertz Education Center is made available only to full members, in good standing, of Temple Israel.

I understand that students must remain on Temple Israel grounds from the time they arrive for their scheduled program until dismissal, unless they are part of an authorized, chaperoned activity. I give permission for my child/ren to leave the grounds to participate in educational programs, under supervision of the program staff.

I consent to the publication, social media (i.e. Temple and/or Religious School Facebook page) and other use of the following: my child’s likeness, name, writing, photographs, video, art, quotes, work samples, honor, awards, etc., without limit, reservation or remuneration by the media and/or Temple Israel.

I understand that addresses, phone numbers, and email information given here may be distributed to other students’ families unless otherwise notified in writing by the parent/guardian.

In case of emergency, I understand that an adult in charge will:
●  administer first aid, if appropriate and call 911, if urgent
●  contact parent/guardians followed by emergency contact listed if parents unreachable
●  proceed with medical treatment recommended by responding physician or emergency personnel if contact with parents, guardians, or emergency contact unable to be made.

I have read and understand the above.

Parental Consent - Parent/Guardian Signature
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