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Temple Israel Tribute & Endowment Funds

You can use Temple Tribute Funds throughout the year to note occasions of joy and sorrow. Temple Israel mails a card of acknowledgment bearing the donor’s name to the person or family being honored, or the bereaved family. Contributions are also acknowledged through the Temple Israel WINDOW.

Click to download the donation form (PDF file).


Bruce J. Applebaum Memorial Fund – To provide Jewish cultural programming to Temple Israel Youth (Applebaum Family).

Rose Smith Arenson Floral Fund – To provide for altar flowers for regular services and particularly for the High Holy Days services (Altar Flowers Chairperson).

James J. Barnett Holocaust Remembrance Fund – To provide Holocaust or remembrance programs and services, and to give B’nai Mitzvah a memento of remembrance (current Rabbi).

Robin Dru Bendremer Library Fund – To provide for the purchase of new books and periodicals for the Victor Levin Learning Resource Center (Library and Resource Center Committee).

Burman-Newman Supplemental Religious Fund – To provide supplemental funds for programs and services to benefit Religious School students and parents and the youth of Temple Israel (current Rabbi and Marti Newman).

Cantor’s Discretionary Fund – To provide for Temple, clergy, and community charitable purposes at the discretion of the current Cantor or Cantorial Soloist (current Cantor or Cantorial Soloist).

Capital Improvement Fund – To provide for extraordinary capital improvements which cannot be covered by ordinary operating income (House Property and Maintenance Committee).

Endowment Fund – This on-going fund provides for extraordinary expenses above and beyond the regular operating budget.

The Friedman Outdoor Beautification Fund – To provide funds to beautify the outside grounds of Temple (House, Property and Maintenance).

Joseph & Laura Lee Garfinkel Music & Cultural Fund – To underwrite liturgical type musical endeavors (Laura Lee Garfinkel).

Gedaliah Gertz Education Center Fund – To provide for and offset the costs of the Gedaliah Gertz Education Center (Board of Trustees).

Blanche Hoffenberg Mitzvah Day Fund – To provide for interfaith tikkun olam activities based on the model of “Mitzvah Day.” In the absence of Mtizvah Day activities, money from the fund may be used for other interfaith activities. (current Rabbi and Hoffenberg family member).

Reba Holub NFTY-NELR Fund – To provide camp scholarships for Temple Youth Group members to attend NFTY-NELR camp (Youth Activities Committee).

Rabbi David M. Horowitz Campership Fund – This recently created fund provides a means to defray the camp costs for all children of member families of Temple Israel who attend any camp under the auspices of Union of American Hebrew Congregations. ( click HERE for list of URJ camps ) It is the hope that the fund will be able to defray up to one-third of the cost without regard to need. If such funds are not available, then the income of the fund will be divided equally among the campers each year (current Rabbi). about Rabbi Horowitz

Saul Isroff Music Fund – To provide for special musical programs and services.

Kasse/Kozman/Applebaum Education Fund – To sponsor program for Religious School

Martin and Joyce Levin Audio-Visual Arts Fund – To provide audio-visual material to be used in the Victor Levin Learning Resource Center (current Rabbi).

Eleanor and Jerome Lippman Bar/Bat Mitzvah Book Fund – To provide a gift of books of Jewish content to each Bar/Bat Mitzvah to encourage the continuation of their Jewish education (current Rabbi).

Lippman / Kanfer Building Maintenance Fund – To provide for the continuing maintenance of the Temple Israel Building (House Property and Maintenance Chairperson).

Ben Maidenburg Memorial Fund – To provide for programs and projects of a community relations nature. This fund allows us to reach out to the general community (Social Action Committee).

Mary and Benjamin H. Marks Archives Fund – To provide audio-visual material to be used in the Victor Levin Learning Resource Center (Archive committee chair).

Gertrude Miller Hebrew Studies Fund – To provide for teaching of Hebrew studies through the Religious School or through the continuing Adult Education programs (current Rabbi).

Louis and Dorothy Nobil Religious Education Fund – To provide for continuing education for adults (Outreach & Adult Education Committee)

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund – To provide for Temple, rabbinic, and community charitable purposes at the discretion of the Rabbi (current Rabbi).

Remembrance and Happy Fund – To provide for the purchase of prayer books and for extraordinary expenditures for the well-being of the Temple (Budget and Finance Committee).

Arthur & Ruth Rose Remembrance Fund – Provide a $500 scholarship to a graduating high school senior whose family is a temple member.  This scholarship will be given to the student who is most active within the Jewish community and involved in youth activities and synagogue work.

Shabbat Shelly Fund – To provide funds for once a month Congregational Shabbat dinners & other special Holiday Congregational meals. (Bob Godshall and current Rabbi)

Sisterhood Bebe Schachter Fund - To provide a luncheon to Temple members and guests on Rosh Hashanah

David and Kathryn Unger General Operating Fund – To provide income to help offset current operating expenses in the event of a deficit (Budget and Finance Committee).

Dr. Mark L. Wein Special Events Fund – To provide for special events and activities for the benefit of the members of Temple Israel (current Rabbi).

Dr. Irwin Robert Weiner Leadership Development Fund – To help develop leadership potential in our congregation.

Dr. Phyllis Goodweather Weinstein Intercultural Diversity Celebration Fund – To allow the congregation to embrace diversity in the Jewish and non-Jewish communities and to embrace all cultures and celebrate intercultural communication. (current Rabbi)

William Weisberger Memorial & Outreach Fund – To provide programs to help those who were not born Jewish to feel comfortable within Judaism and our congregational setting (current Rabbi).

Weiss/Garson Youth Fund – To provide tuition and travel expenses for Temple Youth Group members to attend NFTY and NFTY-NELR programs (Youth Activities Committee).

Winer Family Fund for Education – To provide financial resources for scholarship money for Jewish learning opportunities (current Rabbi and member of the Winer family).

Edith Wiskind Ceremonial Fund – To provide for the purchase of Jewish ritual art objects to add to the Temple’s collection (Ceremonial Objects Committee and current Rabbi).


How to Establish Your Own Permanent Fund at Temple Israel

The Your Name Here Special Usage Fund – To provide programs to support special needs of Temple Israel that might not otherwise be possible.

We welcome you to join the list of the Temple Tribute Funds above. Several opportunities exist for new fund purposes to benefit Temple Israel. Of course, you may obtain naming rights for your fund. Funds must be structured to have a beginning principal amount of at least $25,000, and only amounts above this floor may be utilized for expenditures each year. Various creative methods exist for initial funding. Contact either the President or Treasurer of Temple Israel for more information and to discuss potential purposes for new funds. The establishment of all new funds and their purposes are subject to the approval of the Temple Israel Board of Trustees.

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